Anniversary Weekend Getaway

How to Enjoy a Romantic Anniversary Weekend Outside of Sydney

Celebrating an anniversary calls for a setting that’s both special and memorable. Historic Morpeth, nestled in the picturesque Hunter Valley, offers the dream backdrop for such an occasion. At Historic Arnott Bakehouse, we invite you to explore the charm and romance of Morpeth, making your anniversary weekend simply unforgettable.

Discovering the magic of Morpeth

Morpeth, with its rich history and stunning landscapes, provides an idyllic setting for couples. Stroll through the quaint streets, explore unique boutiques, and savour the local cuisine at cosy cafes and restaurants. Morpeth’s heritage and modern comforts create a blend that’s both enchanting and relaxing.

Top things to do in Morpeth for couples

Here are some of our favourite local activities for couples, perfect for any anniversary weekend getaway.

  • Enjoy a serene picnic by the Hunter River, basking in the natural beauty and tranquillity
  • Discover Morpeth’s historical landmarks and charming architecture on a leisurely walk
  • Visit local wineries for wine tastings, immersing yourselves in the region’s renowned wine culture
  • Take in a sourdough baking class at the birthplace of everyone’s favourite biscuit brand

The essence of the Historic Arnott Bakehouse

We invite you to visit, stay and experience the romantic allure of the Historic Arnott Bakehouse. Our accommodation is designed to reflect Morpeth’s heritage charm while providing modern comfort. Each suite is a testament to the town’s history, perfect for creating a romantic ambience.

Dining and entertainment

Morpeth boasts an array of dining options that cater to all palates. From intimate dinners at award-winning eateries to casual options, the culinary experiences here add to the romance of your getaway. In the evenings, enjoy local entertainment or a quiet night under the stars.

A personalised anniversary weekend getaway experience

At the Historic Arnott Bakehouse, your friendly hosts believe in making your anniversary special. Whether it’s allowing for special requests or recommending the best spots for a romantic evening, we’re here to personalise your experience.

Anniversary Weekend Getaway

Final thoughts on anniversary weekend getaways outside of Sydney

An anniversary weekend getaway in Morpeth is so much more than just a celebration; it’s an experience full of love, history, and beauty. Let our accommodation be your haven as you mark another year of togetherness in this charming town. Embrace the romance, relish the peace, and make memories that will last a lifetime.

At the birthplace of the legendary Arnott’s brand, at the Historic Arnott Bakehouse, our guests are just a short stroll from cafes and restaurants, making it a vibrant yet peaceful location for your anniversary weekend getaway in our stunning Monte Carlo Penthouse.

From food to history, and everything in between, there is an endless list of fun things to do in Maitland. Reach out to the friendly hosts with any questions, or if you’re ready to lock it in, book now.

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