Are you a fan of sourdough, or looking to buy muesli cereal online?

Step into a world of culinary wonders at the Historic Arnott Bakehouse Shop, where we proudly offer an array of exquisite products and experiences that can be conveniently purchased online. Explore our enticing selection, including the opportunity to buy muesli cereal online, from our signature Morpeth Muesli range.


Morpeth Muesli

Indulge in the goodness of our signature Morpeth Muesli. Made with the finest locally sourced ingredients, these delectable blends of flavours and textures will tantalise your taste buds and leave you craving for more. Start your day with a breakfast that embodies the essence of Morpeth’s culinary heritage. Available in three great options, so you can buy muesli cereal online for every taste.


Arnott’s Sourdough Culture

Embark on a beautiful adventure with our carefully cultivated sourdough culture. Handcrafted and nurtured to perfection, our culture will empower you to create your own artisanal sourdough bread at home. Experience the magic of fermentation and unlock the secrets of tangy, flavourful loaves.


Tickets to the Sourdough Masterclass

Treat a loved one or elevate your own baking skills with an exclusive ticket to our Sourdough Masterclass, led by Stephen Arnott. Delve into the art and science of sourdough bread baking as you learn from a true expert. Gain invaluable knowledge, techniques, and insider tips that will take your bread-making prowess to new heights.

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