As far as historic places near Sydney go..... it doesn’t get much more iconic than the birthplace of Arnott’s biscuits

If you’re curious about historic places near Sydney, you really should make the daytrip to visit the Bakehouse - where William Arnott began everyone’s favourite biscuit brand, Arnott’s.

Here is a sneak peek of what you’ll find, but believe us, there’s so much more history than meets the eye. We can’t wait to tell you all about it during a history tour, sourdough baking class, or as we welcome you to our boutique accommodation as a guest.

Historic Places Near Sydney The Scotch Oven in 2003 before repair and restoration

Historic Arnott Bakehouse c.2003 - before restoration

This photo was taken shortly after we bought the property. The state of disrepair of the Scotch Oven is evident. Our heritage engineer deemed the building in imminent danger of collapse.

Historic Places Near Sydney Side wall of the Bakery showing R Chapman Butcher of Morpeth

Richard Chapman - Butcher

This wall sign, painted some time around 1850, was revealed when the attached building next door was demolished. Chapman's original butchery site, with a small tannery to the rear, had long since gone.

The Colonial bricks seen here were quarried and made at the Raworth Brickworks, currently a park on Morpeth Road. Laid in the flemish-bond style, the bricks had deteriorated significantly during the time the wall next door was attached to the building.

Historic Places Near Sydney Arnotts Bakehouse after restoration c 2023

Historic Arnott Bakehouse c.2023 - after restoration

This photo was taken shortly after the restoration was complete. The repair to the Scotch Oven is evident. Our heritage engineer was pleased with the outcome.

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