Morpeth Muesli

handmade, natural breakfast cereals

Handmade, Natural Muesli

Morpeth Muesli is handmade, a gentle method with minimal processing, resulting in a high quality end product. And our recipes use only top quality ingredients, in the right proportions, so there's lots of fruits, nuts and seeds to compliment the cereals. All no added nasty oils - like canola, our muesli is oven-baked not toasted with oil.

Morpeth Mueslis are natural and taste really good, you'll notice the difference.

Deluxe Oven Baked 500g

Berry Multigrain 500g

All Natural 500g

See some of the benefits of our natural, handmade muesli:

  • high quality, whole, rolled oats
  • easy to digest
  • vegetarian and vegan
  • no soy, dairy or bran fillers
  • no animal or vegetable fat
  • no preservatives, flavours or additives.

Our full range of muesli is available at the Historic Arnott Bakehouse and all Harris Farm Market stores.

If you would like to place an order for home delivery, the minimum order is a box of 6 packs, please email us: