Morpeth Muesli

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Best Muesli

We have the best muesli to start your day the right way...

Discover the exceptional taste and nourishment of Morpeth Muesli's Natural blend, a truly satisfying and wholesome choice for your breakfast routine. We pride ourselves on using only the finest Australian rolled oats sourced directly from the mill. 

Through gentle hand blending, rather than machine mixing, we ensure that each oat is infused with a generous combination of seeds, nuts, and dried fruits. The result is a natural muesli that stands out as a healthy and flavoursome alternative to others on the market.

Indulge in Morpeth Muesli by serving it with fresh or poached fruits and a dollop of natural yoghurt. For an extra treat, soak the muesli overnight in apple juice and mix it with yoghurt or milk in the morning. You can also unleash your culinary creativity by using it as a low-fat base for muffins, biscuits, and slices, adding a nutritious twist to your favourite baked goods.

What sets Morpeth Muesli apart is our unwavering commitment to preserving the nutritional value and natural goodness of every ingredient...

We steer clear of unnecessary additives like canola oil, opting instead for our unique oven-baked method. This ensures that each spoonful of our muesli maintains its delightful crunch and irresistible taste, making it the best muesli option for discerning breakfast enthusiasts.

Like our other muesli varieties, Berry Multigrain and Deluxe, our Natural blend is the best muesli for the whole family - crafted with meticulous attention to quality. We use only premium-quality, whole, rolled Aussie grains and ensure that our products are easy to digest and suitable for vegetarians. 

With Morpeth Muesli, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with making a pure and wholesome choice for your breakfast...

Experience the exceptional taste and texture of Morpeth Muesli by purchasing it at the Historic Arnott Bakehouse and all Harris Farm Market stores. For added convenience, we also offer online purchases that allow you to buy muesli in bulk, saving you both time and money.

Make your mornings extraordinary with the ultimate breakfast experience provided by Morpeth Muesli, the best muesli you'll find. Start your day on a high note with our natural blend and savour the simple pleasure of a nourishing and delicious breakfast.

Morpeth Muesli Deluxe

Morpeth Muesli Deluxe Oven Baked 500g packet

A box of 6 x 500g Deluxe muesli delivered to your door 

Morpeth Muesli Berry

Where Can I Buy Muesli Morpeth Muesli Berry Multigrain in 500g bag

A box of 6 x 500g Berry Multigrain muesli delivered

Morpeth Muesli Natural

Morpeth Muesli All Natural in a 500g bag

A box of 6 x 500g Natural muesli delivered

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