Sourdough Classes

Sourdough Baking with Stephen Arnott

I'm Allie your host and co-founder of Morpeth Sourdough bakery. As a Master of Food Microbiology, I have detailed knowledge of food fermentations and previously worked for the largest bakery in Australia. So during the class I can provide some science on sourdough for those wanting to dig deeper.

Together with Stephen Arnott, a sourdough master baker from one of the oldest baking families in Australia, we run our sourdough baking class in Morpeth, NSW.

We've been baking sourdough since 2000 & retailing at the Historic Arnott Bakehouse in Morpeth since 2003. Our ancestors are famous bakers and you are probably most familiar with William Arnott, Stephen's great, great, great grandfather, founder of Arnott's Biscuits! He baked here at this very site back in the 1860's.

We make real, authentic sourdough, with texture and taste, the direct result of a long fermentation process.

To book our class, click on the link here or email us for more information or call and book by phone.

See below our baking family - six generations of bakers!

We conduct the sourdough class in the original 1850's bakehouse kitchen. This is in the Historic Arnott Bakehouse in Morpeth, NSW. Morpeth is an historic village in the Hunter Valley with plenty to see and do. Take some time while you are here to look around.

The focus of our class is to teach you to make sourdough at home with domestic appliances under normal kitchen conditions.
You will learn to mix, shape and bake your own sourdough bread in a totally hands-on experience, flour dust and all! This will be done in defined stages with techniques, tips and some science along the way.

Being an interactive class, you will ask questions along the way, especially all the do's and don'ts for making sourdough successfully.

We will break for at least an hour where lunch will be served with a glass of wine or beer. Also of offer is a tour of the Historic Arnott Bakehouse whilst we break and learn more about the history of the famous Arnott family dynasty.

At the conclusion of the class, you will take a loaf of Morpeth Sourdough bread home and you will also have the opportunity to buy baking utensils and sourdough culture.

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Mark - April, 2019

A truly unique opportunity to learn about the art of sourdough culture (pun intended) and sourdough bread-making from a renowned expert in a very personal, “hands on” way. Also loved hearing, first hand, about the family history of a true Australian icon (Arnott’s Biscuits).